"Mitsubishi" concern began to produce cars in 1970, long before the "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries" automobile division became "Mitsubishi Motors Corporation".

The first serial car in Japan was produced by Mitsubishi in 1917 and was called "Model-A". At that time, cars were produced by the aviation industry and shipbuilding departments of "Mitsubishi".
The basis of the philosophy of engineering perfection and high reliability of "Mitsubishi" cars was laid in that period. Currently, "Mitsubishi Motors" is one of the world's largest manufacturers, producing more than 1.6 million cars in 32 countries. "Mitsubishi" offers a wide range of products - from minicars to heavy trucks, buses and special commercial vehicles.

The rally history of "Mitsubishi" began about 40 years ago. You can follow the world championships in classic rally (WRC) and off-road rally-raids, where "Mitsubishi" is traditionally among the leaders, on the "Mitsubishi Ralliart" website.
"Three diamonds" - this famous emblem has confirmed its reliability in the conditions of the toughest sports competitions, and the advanced technologies of "Mitsubishi" are recognized all over the world.

For more than 80 years since its inception as an automobile manufacturer, Mitsubishi Motors has always been at the forefront, maintaining the pioneering spirit inherited from the creators of the very first Mitsubishi cars.

"Mitsubishi" Automobile Center, operating in Azerbaijan since 2006, offers a wide range of car models and quality technical service, organizes the supply of original spare parts and accessories.